The VR headset suitcase

Transport, protect, and store your virtual reality or mixed reality equipment safely and in style.

Our product
The VR Headset Suitcase is a high-resistance rolling suitcase designed for the transport and presentation of virtual reality or mixed reality headsets such as the Oculus Quest, Pico, Apple Vision Pro, etc. Ideal for professionals on the go, this shockproof case ensures optimal protection for your equipment.

Light and practical

Easy to transport thanks to its ergonomic design and wheels.

High-strength steel hinges

Ensured durability and longevity.

Shock protection

Protective foam integrated into all compartments to absorb impacts.

Secure locking

Robust lock for maximum security, with the option to add a padlock (optional).

Optimized capacity

Can hold up to 8 Oculus headsets in a single suitcase.

Simultaneous charging

Equipped with a 2-meter extension cord to charge all your headsets simultaneously without taking them out of the case.

Optional integrated local network

Built-in server to create a local network, allowing use with or without an Internet connection.

Ideal Uses
A woman experiencing VR with someone explaining to her.

Demonstrations and events

Safely showcase your solutions and equipment at trade shows or events

A man doing a presentation to a group

Training and seminars

Facilitate the transport and setup of your headsets for immersive training sessions.

A man walking in an airport with his suitcase

Professional travel

Ensure the protection of your equipment during frequent trips with this robust and reliable suitcase.

Many suitcases on top on eachother


Keep your equipment secure and under lock and key. Be ready at any time for use.

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