We create your custom immersive learning experience.

Guided by our spatial AI, learn and discover events in 3D.

Welcome to Aptero

Our 3D technology allows you to create any experience


To garanty you the most security, we provide an on-premises installation and can integrate into your Microsoft Teams servers as well as your website.


We customize 3D spaces according to your needs and taste. Be it your virtual office or digital event.


Our solution works on computers, phones, tablets or virtual reality headsets, all without installation in a simple browser.

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Our approach

AI is changing our world

We are adapting it to your training. Discover how new generation LLMs and a 3D experience can change the way you learn or do remote events. All our 3D spaces are accessible with just a link.

Our services

Trainings, events and customisation

With dedicated training and support, you can host virtual factory tours, interactive training sessions, and engaging events tailored to your specific needs. Our customizable spaces allow companies to create and manage their own 3D environments using our Opal creation service.

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Sustainable Impact

Aptero, in partnership with Scaleway for Startup, champions ESG principles by leveraging their highly efficient data centers.

Using only hydrogen based servers, with a PUE of 1.398, Scaleway outperforms the industry average, notably through DC5, one of Europe's most sustainable data centers. We have an exclusive use of renewable energy since 2017 aligning with our dedication to minimizing environmental impact.The future is now, and we take this of upmost importance with Aptero.

Our clients

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