Decentralized Redistribution Protocol safe against any Sybil attack

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We’re building the Decentralized Redistribution Protocol (DRP).

Users should be able to sell their anonymized data and take profit of them with rewards, instead of giving it to big companies such as Facebook and Google for free.


Incentivize any users contributing to any medias

Social Networks/Videos/Memes. Using cryptocurrencies, we ensure Incentives trust and transparency.


We’re creating a circular token economy

Our economy works with inside revenues instead of speculation reducing volatility.


We provide a curated Quality Content Page (Top Page)

With curation, incentives and our aura system each users focus on quality, without harming the network effect or disincentivizing certain population.


Secure Content Valuation and Redistribution algorithm

An Aura system combined with an aggregated feed using Tags and Neural Network is protecting against any Sybil attack.


Transparency and Fair Redistribution

Using EOS Blockchain, we ensure that every transactions are transparent and fast.


Decentralized audience computation method

With a custom algorithm consisting on an IP-IPFS based audience system, we ensure reliability over our audience computation for redistribution.

Our first Dapp using the DRP is out! - Be Funny, Make Money

We're rewarding every single contributor for their content.
Discover a new way to watch memes and have fun


Our Decentralized Redistribution Protocol provides

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