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Accessible 3D Space with easy controls with keyboard

Aptero provides a user-friendly 3D space with simple keyboard controls for easy navigation.

Accessibility on VR headset and smartphone with webXR via web browser

Aptero is accessible on VR headsets and smartphones via webXR technology, which can be accessed through a web browser.

Import any .glb 3D models existing

Users can import any existing .glb 3D models into Aptero to enhance their space.

Import files (.pdf, .mp4, .mp3 for documents, videos or sound)

Aptero allows users to import files in various formats, such as .pdf, .mp4, or .mp3, to enrich their virtual space with documents, videos, or sounds.

Interaction with Objects

Aptero enables users to interact with objects within the 3D space, such as moving or manipulating them.

Express yourself with smileys

Users can interact with smileys within the virtual space, making the experience more engaging and fun.

Organize conferences and round table

Aptero provides a platform for organizing conferences and round tables within the virtual space.


Aptero allows users to chat with others in the virtual space, making communication easy and convenient.

Vocal chat

In addition to text-based chat, users can engage in vocal chat within Aptero.

Choosing an avatar

Users can choose their avatar, which is the virtual representation of themselves within the space.

Show an NFT side panel to visualize the NFTs

Aptero includes a side panel that shows NFTs, making it easy to visualize and showcase them within the virtual space. (Wallet integration will be done outside of the metaverse.)

Creation of different 3D spaces like an NFT museum space

Aptero allows users to create different 3D spaces, including an NFT museum space, providing a wide range of virtual experiences.

Language support decided by browser language (Korean, English, French, Spanish, Japanese)

Aptero supports different languages based on the user's browser language, making it accessible to people around the world.


Aptero features teleporters, which enable users to move instantly between different areas of the virtual space.


Aptero includes animations, making the virtual experience more immersive and engaging.

Clickable macro map to access different spaces

A clickable macro map allows users to navigate easily to different areas within the virtual space.

Ability to have both first and third person views

Users can choose between first and third person views, providing a customizable and immersive virtual experience.

High definition graphics

Aptero provides high definition graphics, making the virtual space more visually stunning and realistic.

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Aptero works with green hydrogen with EcobioH2 label in partnership with : https://www.zent-eco.com/
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